TMC17: First Thoughts

TMC17 is come and gone. My friends in the south (and elsewhere?) have already started school again, but TMC happens to land equidistant from the end of our school year and the beginning of the next.  In theory, this should be great and allow me to take full advantage of all the awesome stuff I saw/learned/heard/osmosified and create all these new plans by school start. In reality, life always happens and sometime in September or October (maybe #1TMCthing check in day) I’ll run into my notes and get an excited spark to try something new again.

But this year, I took away two different lessons that don’t require any paper prep so that’s where I want to focus on attention. I am most certainly not an eloquent writer, so bare with me:

  1. Word choice matters. And there are many amazing teachers who really are thinking about how simple word choices affect students and colleagues. It might not seem like a huge change, but sometimes that littlest choices make the biggest changes.  Some examples:

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