Quadratics: Sharing the Love MTBoS Blogging Initiative

Explore the MTBoS prompt for the week is to share the love and the resources from other great bloggers. I wanted to do that by collecting some of the blog posts that will help inform the next unit I’ll be teaching (added, bonus, I’ll be able to find them easily when the planning begins in earnest). Algebra 1 starts semester 2 off right with a unit on quadratics. It is usually one of the more challenging ones for my students, but I have grown to really enjoy teaching it both here and in my third year math class which also has a quadratics unit with a bit more depth.

First: I want to remember the my students created assessment questions on the topic last year. They were great. I want to use the student generated questions this year and have the students create more of their own.

Second: I loved the series of Headache/Aspirin posters from Dan Meyer. His posts and all the comments given ideas to launch many topics one of which happens to be factoring trinomials!

Third: Jennifer Fairbanks wrote a blog post for last year’s Explore MTBoS in which she shared a quiz question for the quadratics unit. It allows students to have some choice while still getting them to practice multiple methods and understand the strengths and weaknesses.

Fourth: Lisa Henry has put together some practice for students on sketching graphs from zeros and other important points. I do an activity like every year and I never save it so I start from scratch. Lisa is kind enough to share hers so is already made for me!

Fifth: One thing I’m really excited about is the Marble Roll Lab from Mary Bourassa. She did it with her students and used a linear model so we did that earlier in the year. But, like she mentions, the actual relationship is quadratic so I’m going to have my class revisit and try to model with a quadratic to see if they get better results. Either way, we’ll talk about reasons why they get better (or if they get worse, reasons that could occur as well).

There are many more awesome quadratic ideas out there so I’ll certainly be adding to the list as I get more into the planning, but I’m excited to teach the unit. I’ll certainly be using algebra tiles for polynomial operations, factoring and completing the square for example.

If any of you have some favorite activities/lessons/launches/questions…. please share a link below!



And you can play along or keep track of other math bloggers here.


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