Geometry: Constraints and Trig

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I have been busy planning out a unit on trigonometric ratios for my Geometry B course. I have been trying to balance the open ended exploration and project based learning that I prefer with the more typical questions that students will eventually see on state tests or future math classes.

Here is the standard I’m addressing with this lesson: G-MG.3 Apply geometric methods to solve design problems (with a focus on constraints).

I introduce trig with the slope ratio, proportions, and physically measuring before I ever tell them the word tangent. I’m leaning toward using Kate Nowak’s Introduction to Trig and then running a few Labs where calculate heights and distances of physical things outside before offering this:

trig constraints

My File Available Here: Constraint Problem

Afterwards I might show a few ramp fails before giving them a more open ended design problem. I’m still working on the actual formatting piece, but it will be a blueprint showing a door/stoop 5 ft high, but due to size of parking lot also has a restriction on length. Students will figure out it is not possible to use one ramp in that space and will have to figure out how to use two or more ramps to fit the constraints.

Nothing too mind blowing or exciting here, but I figure it gets at what I’m hoping they understand. Any suggestions are much appreciated.