Day 3: Woo Hoo

We made it to Day 3. That might not seem too exciting to anyone else, but it is September 21st and only the 3rd day of school due to a contract issue and teacher strike. As of 7 pm last night, I didn’t know whether or not we’d be having Day 3 today or weeks from now.  Now, I feel more grounded. School is off and running.

Monday started off and running too. We drove right into challenging material and students doing the hard work. I love walking around the room taking notes, peering in to conversations, and not talking back. For most of the students, this was a shock to them. They seem on board, but I’m hoping soon that they, too, prefer working this way.  Attendance was better than I was expecting which was exciting as well.

The Bridge to College class did Dan Meyer’s Bucky the Badger and followed up with  a quick reasoning with numbers activity to close out. They had to take a multiplication fact and justify other multiplication and division problems without using a calculator or an algorithm. (Example: If 17 x 22 = 374, what is: 17 x 2.2;   2200 x 170;   374/0.17  ?)

Geometry is working on creating and using definitions. I provided each group with cards that had vocabulary terms and pictures that were example and other non-examples of said term. They had to create definitions and then switch with another team to try draw examples from the definitions only (no term). Tomorrow we’ll revisit the definitions with feedback included and they’ll be tasked with rewriting them.


Algebra is working on inequalities, using some guided exploration to review/discover the effect of operations on inequalities. My other 3rd year class was picking out linear, quadratic, and exponential patterns from tables and creating equations. Lots of good energy today!


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