Week One

One week of summer school down and no posts to show for it. I thought blogging would be easier with half days, but apparently not. I can’t take any pictures since I’m in the detention center, but hopefully I can still share some mathy insights. 

We are running short mini units as the population fluctuates and most students aren’t in for very long. We started out simple with solving equations. This coming week we are going to cover sleep, staring with Fawn’s great into stair activity and moving on from there. It’s been interesting to think about teaching with very little supplies. We have to use golf pencils and that’s about all we have. I borrowed a bunch of paper rulers from a large furniture store to use for the stair steepness activity since I can’t bring in actual rulers. 

I’ve been opening with a WODB each day and they seem to really get into it. Trying to build a community of learners where it is not all that natural for them to do so and its been one part of class where the majority of kids will add something to the conversation. I feel I will do the most learning this summer, but I’m hoping to leave them with something as well. 


End of the Year Reflection — A Few Days Early

We are almost done with the school year…. 3 days! Last night was graduation (amazing) and next week is a field trip and a day of wrapping up, making summer school plans, and finalizing everything.

It has been a crazy (mostly in a good way) 1st year out here in Seattle. I only have one day off before I start my summer teaching assignment, so I suppose its not really the end quite yet. This is the first time ever I’ll be teaching the same classes at the same school next year (There are two new ones to add in as well.) so I’m pumped about that. It is making the end of the year clean out harder. Moving around, if it wasn’t digital or extremely amazing, it was gone. I still feel like that, but I have a box of maybes to go through here soon.

Plans for Summer:

Teaching Summer School (in a Youth Detention Facility. I’m really excited to see how it works out)

Rework/Develop class and unit plans for next year. I love the content/ideas behind a lot of what I did this year, especially with the emphasis on the practice standards and novel problem solving we did. But paper work wise/tracking wise it was not as successful. I am at an alternative high school that brings a lot of unique issues with it. I am excited to  rework things into a format that will make both my life and the students’ learning better.

Go to TMC15! (Woohoo!)

Do some PD/training for the new math classes we are introducing

Hopefully do something fun. I assume the 2 year old will demand it and I certainly need it.

***Big hope for*** Find a way to get some tablets for next year. I’m loving Teacher Desmos and want to encourage that sort of sharing/collaborating, but we don’t have that ability right now. Especially now that I know two of my go to math people are joining the team!

Figure out a plan/goal for the blog next year as well at twitter, and other online mathy things. I barely scratched the surface this year with MTBoS and I want to jump in!

Crazy Taxis and Trig Ratios

Short class Wednesday had me on two different sides of the teaching spectrum today. Algebra 1A and 1B did Mr. Orr’s 3 Act Taxi problem complete with great discussions and hard working students. Geometry A and B had a makeup work day because no one was caught up and it’s crunch time. I had avoiding letting the Wednesday be a make up day all semester, but I cracked today. 

Note: My kids think taxis are really expensive or Mr. Orr thinks they are really cheap. I can’t tell because the only time I’ve ridden in one in recent memory was in Korea and the exchange rate doesn’t lend itself to great comparisons.