Advisory Student Reflections

Although we still have just over 3 weeks of school left, I had my advisory class do a bit of self reflection of the year. The next weeks are filled with testing and racing the clock to finish, so I wanted to capture their thoughts now as well give them a little boost to show them how far they’ve come.

I typed out a few prompts and had them finish the sentence, then I typed the response side into Wordle to come up with the main ideas. Reading the individual responses was more powerful though, so I wanted to throw up a couple of those ideas as well:

Year Review

We are an alternative public high school, so some students choose to come and others are required to attend. Some are here for a few weeks, others years. They are all in such different spaces, but they are all really cool people. I’ve had a great year and hope we can finish strong together.



I am a math teacher at a public, alternative high school school. I’m the only math teacher at my site, so I get to teach it all. This is good. The bad? I have 7 different preps! Twitter: @altmath

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