Introduction to Functions

Algebra 1B is just starting a new unit on functions. It comes at a weird place in the pacing guide. as it feels it might make more sense to use function notation from the start, but I am looking at it as a good way to go back and make sure the information from Algebra 1A is still accessible and sort of serves as end of the year test prep review without having to just review.

We do very little note taking in class as I prefer more hands on discovery lessons. This particular class has asked for more notes though, so I figured I should abide by that. At least a little bit.

We took class notes Frayer Model style for Relation and Function and then the students practiced some examples as I walked around the room making sure the notes turnedinto understanding. As they finished the examples, they were given a card sort as a quick recap. After they were comfortable with the different representations of the data they were asked to come up with their own examples of functions and not functions using at least 4 different representations. Tomorrow for warm up they’ll trade their creations and try to categorize them as function/ not a function. We’ll then discuss student thinking and error analysis as needed. IMG_0322

Frayer Model Idea from here.

IMG_0321Card Sort from here.



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