School is Back

I must be really bad at breaks because I always come back feeling more tired than before. Or really good at taking full advantage of exploring/adventure time. We had a really good turn out today and it was much easier to jump back into the fold than I was expecting.

Algebra 1A worked on x and y intercepts. They got equations in all forms had had to find the intercepts and graph.

Algebra 1B finished up the exponent unit test. Weird timing. I meant to have it done before break, but the students asked to take the test in shorter segments even if that meant doing one on the Monday after break. Surprisingly, it didn’t seem to have negative results.

Geometry A worked on dilation, with a quick recap of all the rigid transformations first.

Geometry B is on probability and determining independence/dependence. We also spent some time with setting up area or tree models of events. I have been surprised at the difficulty of this part of the topic. It is not a task I had budgeted much time for and have needed to revisit often. In the future I need to find a better introduction to them.

3rd year math is all of different topics depending on which class they’ve chosen.

Advisory is tackling racism. They paired up to discuss types of racism (individual/structural/institutional) and then we had a class discussion. We’ll continue the conversation tomorrow with a focus on our city and what is happening to combat the issue.

I didn’t taken any photos today so hopefully I do better with that tomorrow.

On a side note, we didn’t have clocks today. I have never paid much attention to them (I am unfortunately really good at keeping the students in class past the end without realizing it) but it was weird not having them there so I must look at them much more than I think.


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