Translations and Reflections

My Geo A students are working on a unit on construction and transformations. (I actually shared the skill learning target here for a student who was transferring out and wanted to get ahead). They are supposed to come in with some knowledge of transformations, so we did a quick review of how each of the transformations work and then focused on composition of transformations. I handed each pair of students a sheet like this:

And got back things that look like this:


Its fun to see how they approach the problems. A few are struggling with writing rules, some seem to have a mix. Some students only will reflect of integer lines, others are okay with decimals. Some wanted to minimize transformations, other wanted to see how many they could write out. No group came up with identical answers, so I had them trade papers and discuss how they were alike and different. I was waiting for one group to undo either part 1 or 2 and then copy the steps from the other one, but it didn’t occur.

It was a fairly low bar for entry and all students seemed to contribute something. I’m hoping to build on that tomorrow. I am going to start next class with the magic octagon video by Dan Meyer and probably the best reflections activity will also make an appearance thanks to some twitter posts. Inspiration from here and the link to the activities here.


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