Learning Targets

One of the best decisions I’ve made this semester has been the introduction of student tracked learning targets. As a teacher I obviously use the CCSS to inform my unit planning and daily lessons. I also post the daily target on the board. The seemingly obvious jump from that is to hand the student a friendly version if the whole unit goal ahead of time and give them a place to track their understanding on the targets as they go through. Student can self pace through the unit. Before they test, they turn in a completed learning target sheet.

Basically, they pre-test. If they score a 4 (Above Standard) they can skip some of the in class work for that topic. This is rare. Because of our mobile student population, every once and a while I’ll get a student who has already done the class a few times and because of some issue or another just has not received credit. This allows them to jump in mid stream and make new progress.

Then we hit each learning target at least once during the unit. Sometimes we do a few a day, sometimes one learning target takes a few days. Either way, once they can show me they have practiced it in class and are comfortable proving to me, I sign off on the in class column. Then they quiz. A score of a 3 (At Standard) or 4 is required. Otherwise, its back to another class work attempt. Once they have the whole sheet complete, they test. Retakes are offered to everyone and they can retake a specific learning target if need be. Retakes are strongly encouraged (aka pretty much required) for a post-test score of a 1 or 2.

This has allowed me more freedom to do great whole class activities that were more difficult before and has really helped my students with attendance issues. I’ll conference with them at least once a week and point out where they should be in order to earn full credit.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I also have one of these sheets for the math practice standards. I include a few more columns for in class assignments. These are often where I sign for our 3 Acts, Would You Rathers, Which One Doesn’t Belong, our Drone Project, or anything else that doesn’t fit a skill type assessment. These count toward semester long grade/tracking for the MPSs.


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