Flight is Better with Math

Wednesday is our shortened school day. Each block has two different classes in it instead of one, so we spend those days looking at the parts of math that transcend the content of a specific class/topic. Its a good day to focus on the math practice standards or exciting problems that are harder to work into a regular lesson day.

Today, we flew drones. The students were tasked with finding find objects in the gym without leaving their seat. The time was limited to 1 minute. They had to plan out what they thought would be the most effective flight path and then try to recreate it live. Then they revised their plans to try it again. One sign of a successful hook? A student instagramming/snap-chatting the lesson.

Today was most of the students first time at the controls, so part of the flight was spent adjusting and learning how to fly.  I didn’t give them any instructions on how the controls worked, so they had to field test. It was fun to see how they reacted to crashes and how that in turn affected their next attempt at trying to figure out how it worked. Students who have never participated in any group work were jumping in to help when a fellow classmate needed it. Attendance is definitely higher on drone day…now to capture that same excitement everyday.


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