Exponential Equations Take 3

We finished up our M&M Lab today with the help of Desmos. We don’t have many graphing calculators or other technology in the classroom, but I have an iPad and we can project its screen up on the wall.

If you are not using Desmos, you should check it out. All we did is use it for a scatter plot and the regression line (which any graphing calculator can do) but there is so much more out there that it can do! Start here and explore.

But even not using the tech to its potential, the students still got a kick out of entering all their data and coming up with a class model. It came out with a growth factor of 1.42 for the growth function and 0.55 for the decay function. Students compared there personal model with the class model and then made predictions for future trials and well as explained the discrepancy between the model and the experiment.

Then we moved on to determining linear versus exponential patterns. Each student had to make up a table of values and present it. The rest of the class would call out linear or exponential and the “teacher” would choose one of them to write the equation. We’ll cement that as a warm up tomorrow and then move on to bigger things!


2 thoughts on “Exponential Equations Take 3

  1. Let me know how many graphing calculators you need, and I’ll order them! What else do you need that you don’t have? We are here for you – let me know.

    I love the blog!


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