Math Games

I was listening to a great episode of Reply All (a podcast from Gimlet Media) about Swatting last night and in doing so spent a lot of timing trying to understand the world of professional video game playing. Then I turned to the real experts, my high schoolers. I had them explain to me the world of online gaming. Talk about turning on a faucet, they were all about talking strategy with me. Enter Play With Your Math and Space Race. They were in a competitive mood. We had to have a time out when the battle got intense — math can be brutal! But they did it. They wrote their reflections on the game and how math can help them win and I had to throw them out when class ended today. A few are still here. Apparently math is awesome.

This picture looks like a scribble, but it was the result of a math fight. What is allowed? Can you cheat at math? 


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